Where Did .io Games Come From

By now, you will probably have seen some news about io games like Unblocked Games at School and or moomooio. They are the most infamous games in the budding genre. You have also probably heard about Agar.io’s seemingly explosive rise to popularity, from the darkest, obscure corners of the internet. And there is a good reason that its growth is newsworthy.

Nowadays, the mobile gaming market is saturated and any new game seems to be lost to the murky depths of the ubiquitous app store. Unless of course, the publishing company has a monstrously huge PR budget and is willing to throw endless bundles of cash at Youtubers and on ads. The same seems to apply to the browser-based gaming industry. However, against all odds Little Big Snake took the whole gaming industry by storm. There was no big PR budget and no promotional stunts.

A nineteen-year-old student by the name of Matheus Valadares simply posted a link to his game on the site 4chan in 2015. The user base exploded and soon Agar.io was all over the internet.

The success of Agar.io naturally caught the attention of other game developers. Most notably Steve Howse, creator of bonkio. A game that closely followed and dominated the gaming industry. It was even reported that Slither.io was making $100,000 per day. Naturally, the gaming industry could not ignore this new gaming evolution.

What Makes Agar.io and Slither.io So Popular?

Matheus Valadares’ game is simple. You are a cell. Your mission is to eat smaller cells and food, with the goal of growing bigger and avoiding larger cells that might eat you. Sounds like a simple game, right? It is. And the graphics are equally as simple. So if the game is so simple why did it become so popular? Scary Maze Game is an awesome game for quick fun.

Agar.io’s, key to success was its simplicity and resulting accessibility. It is a game that you can pick up and play instantly. There is no need to download anything and there are no complicated tutorials. If you have a few minutes to spare, you can jump into the game and start eating other players and dominating the virtual world. This really appealed to the modern gaming community and the user count grew to millions in a very short period of time.

Slither.io mirrors the same simplicity that propelled Agar.io into the limelight. But has two additional tricks up its sleeve. First, it has more visually appealing graphics. Second, Slither.io has a feeling of nostalgia, with game mechanics and visuals that echo those heady days of the classic arcade game, snake.

The nostalgic feeling of jogofriv and simple gameplay, coupled with the beautiful graphics, resulted in the game quickly dwarfing Agar.io and becoming the most downloaded mobile app. A position held for many months.

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